etc. Presents

Challenging, Inspiring, Team-focused original works for young artists aged 13-19!

etc. Presents’ creations are main-stage, fully costumed/designed original musicals created with teens, for teens, about topics teens are interested in. We meet each week to rehearse a living, breathing new work each term, with the goal of challenging and inspiring our young artists to grow artistically and socially in a supportive environment.

New Ways to Be Involved:
etc. Presents, in keeping true to our school’s mandate, is NON-AUDITION to join, but beginning in 2018, we are transitioning to an audition process for 1.) Main Singing and 2.) Main Speaking roles.

Opportunities for Focused Challenge:
Those who choose to audition and who are cast as these main roles <students may audition for one or both> may then expect lots of material, solos, etc., but will in exchange be expected to sign a rehearsal agreement that they will attend at least 75% (3 out of 4 each month) of all regular rehearsals and of course tech. / shows (barring family emergency / emergency illness). The goal in doing this is to provide both challenge and goals for our most artistically-serious, performance-minded student-artists looking to make their mark on the etc. Presents program.

Inclusive to all:
We will at the same time remain inclusive to ALL, without placement audition, with the understanding that some students may wish to be in etc. Presents mainly for the social aspects, and / or that they may wish to concentrate mainly on school shows / outside commitments, but would still like to participate in a minor role and / or a technical role in etc. Presents.

For the students who choose this route, there will still be the expectation that they will commit to tech. week and shows, but permission will be granted for them to miss some rehearsals (up to 4 total / term) for other shows / commitments during the regular rehearsal process, with the understanding that their roles in the show will be somewhat lessened to ease the burden of those who will be there every week to get consistent staging / choreography.

Opportunities will continue to exist as well for students to take part in the etc. Presents experience with a lesser role in the show as cast members but a larger technical role off-stage – which would be a fantastic opportunity for student-artists who may wish to explore costuming, lighting / stage design, directing, writing or choreography!


Audition day for etc. Presents’ next term for Main Singing / Speaking roles will be the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 6th, with show planning / 1st rehearsal for all Sunday, Jan. 14th.

Here is a Facebook event for the auditions:


Our next show dates will be over TWO weekends – April 13-15 and April 20-22, with tech. week being April 9-12, 2018.

Our regular Rehearsals take place on Sundays from 1-4 P.M. at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston (927 Noyes St.); we will take Spring Break from March 26 – April 1.


NOTE: our etc. Presents tech./shows and rehearsal schedule will NOT conflict with any of the high school’s upcoming major theater or choral performances, and we’ll be taking the exact same Spring break!


etc. Loyalty Promotion: $50.00 off enrollment in etc. Presents if also enrolled in etc private lessons or the etc. Choir during the Winter / Spring Term!



Click below for information on etc. Presents’ upcoming Summer ’18 Term!
etc Presents Summer 18

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